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What is ICT Portfolio Management

The cross-governmental ICT project model is a tool to be used by the project manager. It is meant to support day-to-day management of the project as well as contribute to ensuring that the ICT project is successfully implemented. The model is generic and must be adjusted to the size and context of the individual project so as to meet the specific management needs of the individual project.

The cross-governmental ICT project model includes four elements

The five main phases of the model serve their individual purposes and are clearly divided up, which makes it easy to distinguish when a phase begins and when it ends. Each main phase may be divided up into sub phases, if it proves expedient for the management of the project.
The transition from one phase to the next signifies a change in the state of the project. The cross-governmental ICT project model sets clear demands for what is to be documented at phase transitions and who has the responsibility for approving the transition.
The products of the model are the documents that are necessary for the project manager during the day-to-day management of the project. The products are also used as the basis for decision-making by the steering committee.
The responsibility for leadership and management of the five phases is placed in various places in the organisation. The model includes a guide on which roles are to be manned when in the course of the project, and what the roles are responsible for.

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